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666 Metal Wines – GRAVE DIGGER EDITION Grave Digger Wine with…

Grave Digger Wine with 666 turns

Just in time to the year-end 2013, Germanys figurehead regarding true metal, the band GRAVE DIGGER are presenting their own wine. Although other artists have placed their grape juice at the shelfs, the Grave Digger edition of the winery 666 metal wines sets apart because of the personal attempt, so Axel Ritt, guitarist of the band, narrates.

?The local reference of the product is very important to the band. All members within and around the band are epicures, which means we?re all very much into the products we eat, drink and where it has been produced. Organic is a good thing, but where is the ecological attempt, when the product has to be flown in from the other end of the globe? When we got the topic wine for the first time on the list, we realized, that German wines got a very good reputation, even worldwide. So the idea, to manufacture the wine in foreign countries, has been off the table very quickly.?

So the band took a look around Germany and got in contact with winegrower Michael Schott. Together with his family, he?s leading a small winery, which got a history of more than 50 years and is based pretty close to the bands headquarter. Schott?s passion is not only about wines, but also in metal. Not just as a fan, but also as the singer of the band Promince. In 2012, he united both parts in the new winery, which sales under the flag of 666 METAL WINES.

After the swapping of the preferences of the new wine, both parties found their way pretty fast. ?It should be a red wine, which flavor should demonstrate immediately the difference between mainstream and real craftsmanship.? After the wine has been seasoned, it matured for 18! more months in oak barrels. To get the highest possible quality stands for itself.

?A great album takes it?s time, a great wine as well. We?re not into quick shots and we?re happy that the guys got the patience to wait.? Schott declares proudly. ?The 2011 Grave Digger edition is a great wine with a deep, dark color, awesome fragrance and an intensive flavor. The only drop of bitterness is the limited quantity of the first edition.? It?s a vintage wine, so as a wine drinker, you should know exactly when the successor will be in your glas. And this edition is already in the barrels of the winery close to the German river Nahe.